When your father is a pilot: Unforgettable emotions of this little girl during her first flight

This little girl experienced unforgettable feelings during her first flight

For a large number people traveling by air is, in fact, as ordinary thing as going shopping or for a walk in the nearest park. However, there are those who, with a single thought about flight, get absolutely terrified and which is a real experience for them.

For some of us, it is nothing but a pleasure, but for those, who strongly fear of it, the idea of being in the air itself seems frightening.

But when your father is an experienced professional pilot, absolutely everything radically changes. You instantly forget about your phobia as flights become an ordinary routine for you.

This courageous cutie in the following scene, not only has no fear for flights, but also totally enjoys the precious moment. Here is the exciting video revealing the adorable kid’s unforgettable emotions.

Are you afraid of traveling by air?

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