This is how Bruce Willis lives after his retirement from the film industry because of his disease

Here is 67-year-old Bruce Willis after his official retirement from the film industry

Recently, the news of the famous and talented artist’s retirement from the film industry literally astonished Bruce Willis’s loyal fans. The basic reason of which was actually his poor health. In fact, Willis rarely appears in public and hardly anything is known about him right now, but lately, a short footage revealing the artist playing basketball was shared on the internet. Despite his serious condition and weakness, Willis still manages to stay active and energetic like before.

Bruce has five adorable daughters – three from his marriage to D. Moore, and two – born to E. Hemming.

His whole family now spends their precious time together.

Some time ago, Willis was witnessed while walking accompanied with his friends. It sometimes seems as if the 67-year-old actor looks completely healthy, but his relatives and closest people claim that aphasia that he currently suffers is a rather serious disease. A part of the brain is damaged and the abilities to hear and speak gradually become weaker. The other problem is the loss of memory.

Though he manages to stay strong and optimistic.

His biggest supporter is, surely, his faithful and loving family.

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