During the match Jim Rice rescued a little kid’s life who was hit by the ball

Jim Rice’s heroic deed rushing to rescue a child who was hit by the ball

In 1982, a very important event, the long-waited opening of the baseball season, took place at the stadium in Fenway Park. There were two opponent teams – the Boston Red Sox and the Chicago White Sox

A 4-year-old kid named Jonathan sitting with his father and 2-year-old brother was really excited about the match. During the inning, Dave Stapleton came up to the plate. His bat collided with the ball and became a line drive foul over the base’s first dugout. All of a sudden, a day of test at that stadium turned into a real experience and tragedy for the little boy’s family. The boy, Jonathan received a strong blow to his tiny head. His father initially thought the ball had hit the dugout. After the tragic hit, the kid immediately lost his consciousness and got a serious injury. They rushed to call the emergency.

Without hesitating for a second, Jim Rice instantly jumped out of the dugout, picked up the injured kid and took him to the clubhouse where a doctor named Arthur Pappas could treat him. The boy was finally sent to Boston Children’s hospital.

After his heroic deed, the player returned to the field and successfully completed the game.

The journalists called him a real hero and the legendary moment was luckily caught on camera.

Jonathan underwent operation and he now owed his life to Jim Rice due to whom the child received the first aid. He had been in an extremely difficult condition for five days while being kept in hospital.

Several months after the accident, Jonathan was invited to be a member in the opening of the their home game. He, surely, agreed as he could finally see his savior.

Years later, the guy received a good education in North Carolina and now the man is the CEO of a company.

Rice not only saved the innocent child, but also provided the whole money required for the kid’s treatment and medical care.

Jim has been playing in the team since he was 16. He has achieved a number of records and accomplishments playing his beloved sport.

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