“Didn’t leave his aged and plump wife”: Brosnan showed what his beloved wife currently looks like

Unconditional love: This is how one of the most handsome actors’ wife looks

Pierce Brosnan is thought to be one of the most handsome actors in Hollywood. In the course of his “James Bond” career, the talented actor stole millions of women’s hearts. However, the man has always stayed loyal to his beloved and precious wife.

The artist has been married to Kelly Shaye Smith for more than 25 years and the spouses lately celebrated their anniversary.

Just a simple look at their joint photos and it becomes quite easy to notice how the wife of Brosnan radically changed during this time. The woman is simply unrecognizable.

Of course, the actor has changed as well, but his grey hair seems to even make him even more nice and handsome. Some of his fans rushed to criticize Kelly Shaye for her unkempt look saying that the woman had no right to be with the actor.

Whereas there are reasons why this couple is regarded one of the strongest, dominant and influential ones in Hollywood. Brosnan’s loyal fans admire his gentle attitude and unconditional love towards his wife.

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