Caring Foresters Saved an Abandoned Little Elephant and as a Result of This They Now Have a New Pet in the House!

The amazing rescue story of the baby elephant

Many people have a pet in their house- it may be a dog or a cat, which is quite a common thing. But people don’t even have any idea that there is even a woman named Roxy, who had been sharing her house with a rescued little elephant named Moyo for a year.

Roxy is a forester and she first met Moyo the cutie when she was crossing the river with a herd of elephants. Before Moyo could reach her herd, there was a hyena group waiting for her  which was a serious danger for the cutie’s life. Fortunately, the cutie was rescued by Roxy and a few caring foresters who managed to arrive in time.

Roxy realized that it was extremely dangerous to leave the cutie alone in the wild, because she would literally starve there without her mommy. Moyo was so emaciated and he weighed only 56 kilos, whereas when an elephant is born it should weigh not less than 90 kilos.

Roxy not only rescued Moyo, but she also follows her every second so that she didn’t feel alone. They even sleep next to each other and Roxy pays special attention to the cutie’s food, so that she recovered as soon as possible. She has her special place in the house for feeling comfortable enough and relaxing.

Roxy and Moyo the cutie have a special connection that has touched the hearts of millions of viewers after watching the following video:

If it wasn’t for Roxy’s assistance and devotion, Moyo the baby wouldn’t probably survived!

Despite the fact that this wasn’t the first time Roxy rescued an animal, she was extremely inspired with the little elephant’s rescue and she decided to set up the first elephant orphanage and Moyo was the first elephant to live there. We are more than sure that all the animals will receive endless love, care and affection there!

I wish there were more kind people in the world!



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