After 20 Years a Lion Expressed His Gratitude Towards the Man Who Saved Him

A lion thanked a man who saved him 20 years ago

This touching story is about a unique lion named Jupiter who became quite famous when residing at Refgio Villa Lorena.

Villa Lorena is not an ordinary animal sanctuary and they say that the creatures who live there have one thing in common- they have all been abused.

Jupiter the cutie is one of those innocent creatures who had been rescued from a circus where he was frequently beaten.

The cutie has a fear of human interaction but fortunately that fear disappeared after appearing at Villa Lorena where he met perhaps one of the most caring people in his life named Ana Julia. She was working at the very sanctuary and from the very first day of meeting the lion she had taken special care of him.

Unluckily, when he was living at the zoo he lost weight very rapidly and started to become ill that’s why the cute lion was taken to the sanctuary in order to save his life.

After examining him the veterinarians discovered that the cutie had terminal liver cancer and anemia and he had only one last chance to visit his beloved person- Ana Julia.

The last time he met Ana Julia he seemed to show his gratitude and live towards her for taking care of him that attentively during this long period of time!

We wonder how strong connection there may exist between a human and an animal!


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