«77-year-old Hawn forgot to wear a bra»: Paparazzi caught Hawn and her partner during their romantic walk

Hawn forgot how old she was for a second and went out in a bodysuit with no bra 🤔😱

There is no denying that the couple of G. Hawn and her partner is one of the strongest and most harmonious ones in the world. While thousands of celebrity couple file for divorce every year, this couple is inseparable for already 40 years.

The paparazzi shots of the couple immediately went viral and caused mixed reactions on the network. Even at her 77, she never ceases to surprise with her energy, enthusiasm and charisma. Many keep calling her a young soul in an aging body.

Recently, during a romantic walk, she gave her preference to black shorts, a black matching bodysuit and flat shoes. Interestingly enough, she didn’t wear a bra which was clearly visible.

Most of her fans started to sincerely admire the star for embracing natural beauty and accepting all the signs of aging adding that she serves as a role model of how a woman at this age should look like.

Despite her saggy and wrinkled skin, loss of elasticity and attractiveness, she still looks her best and much better for her age.


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