“He is 83, and she is 29”. It’s official-Al Pacino’s bride is pregnant

Legends never break. This is true for Al Pacino’s generation. He and his close friends have created an amazing path in the history of cinematography. They did something impossible at that time. All of Pacino’s roles are memorable and strong and influential.

And here is the bright news. Al Pacino’s bride, a 29 years old girl, named Nur is pregnant.

Who could ever imagine that this could happen? 83 years old actor decided to become a father for the fifth time. And it’s as adorable as shocking.

“A child from Al Pacino himself!”, “What a happy story, what a good news!”, “Can’t understand why so much young girl decided to give a birth to baby from grandpa”. I’ve read such comments on the Net, below this celebrities photos. Would you add something else?

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