What does a girl who is known as one of the most beautiful in the world look like

14 years old Alice Samsonova  who has managed to become successful around the whole world.

Alice was born in the Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk in 2007. She grew up as a very ordinary girl, went to kindergarten and was fond of gymnastics. One day, dad invited six-year-old Alice and her mother to participate in a contest with the talking name “Top Model in a childish way”. No one had high hopes, but the young participant won the Grand Prix. And she was also noticed and singled out among other girls.

A year later, in 2014, Samsonova received the title of “Little Model of Russia-2014”. After this victory, Alice was invited to Italy, where she went on a real podium and showed fashionable children’s clothes. The young model has an excellent portfolio, her pictures have been placed in international catalogs. The girl began collaborating with well-known world brands and media, such as Monnalisa, Elle Kids Russia, Vogue, Moschino, Rocs and others. The girl regularly traveled to Italy and other countries, participated in demonstrations of things and filming.

At the age of nine, Alice took part in an event implemented by Yana Rudkovskaya, who gathered the most famous mini-models of the world and arranged a thematic photo shoot for them. Samsonova then tried on the image of Alice from Wonderland. Three years later, Yana invited the girl again together with other young attractive and already successful young blondes.

In addition to numerous successful works, there are several honorary titles in Samsonova’s “track record”. At the age of twelve, the British media Bright Side included the talented Alice in the list of attractive young fifteen models, which you can watch indefinitely. And according to L’officiel kids, Samsonova is one of the TOP fifty most beautiful children on the whole planet.

At the age of fourteen, Alice remains just as attractive and cute. She has long blond curls, almost angelic facial features, wide-open blue eyes and a fragile figure. Samsonova is still in demand, and she is already receiving offers from adult clothing brands.

But the girl’s parents say that they are not chasing profit and consider modeling not a job (although the daughter receives royalties), but a favorite thing, a hobby. After the screenings and filming, Alice walks around the cities with her family and travels around the neighborhood, and then returns to her native Krasnoyarsk, continues to go to regular school, study with classmates and go to gymnastics training.

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