«Greasy hair and an unkempt look!»: The appearance of Uma Thurman in recent pictures caused controversy

The fans were disappointed to see Thurman with greasy and disheveled hair 😱😳

Everyone has seen celebrities after a group of stylists, makeup artists and hairdressers worked on their appearance. And only a few of us have seen them in casual clothes, with no makeup and in real paparazzi photos without retouching.

In everyday life, stars approach things with a more laid-back attitude and what concerns the cleanness of hair, they sometimes fail to delight their fans.

The recent paparazzi photos revealed the prominent woman with an unkempt look, dirty and disheveled hair. The sight disappointed many of her fans since most of them definitely weren’t ready for that.

The opinions of the netizens varied. Some believed that she looked beautiful with or without clean hair. The others couldn’t find words to express their dissatisfaction.

Her appearance soon became the topic of discussions. Some even suggest that she has some serious problems and has no time or energy for her grooming routine.

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