“Shortly after the beauty procedure”։ The unusual appearance of actress Moore raised a lot of questions on the web

The fans heavily criticized Moore for undergoing another plastic operation

The fantastic look of 59-year-old actress Moore in a gorgeous outfit from popular brand Fendi completed with rhinestones delighted absolutely everyone. However, her fans rushed to state that she had undergone another surgery and started to heavily criticize the celebrity.

The netizens also noticed the “altered” area around her mouth and cheekbones. “Why is she running for perfectness? There is no any”, “I want to see the old version of her”, “Why does she do this to herself?”.

Many rushed to compliment her, whereas some couldn’t accept the fact she had done another plastic intervention. What is more, this has been not the only time she appeared shortly after undergoing a beauty procedure.

Are you for or against plastic surgeries?

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