“Demonstrated her stunning figure in a corset”: 36-year-old Megan Fox showed off her attractive forms in close-up

The spicy photos of Fox showing her figure in a corset surprised everyone

Outstanding actress and overall-recognized model Megan Fox recently left everyone speechless sharing a rather candid and spicy photo session on her popular Instagram page. One can admire the iconic woman for hours, yet she is, believe it or not, already 36. In recent photos she posted in an attractive black corset she was demonstrating her appetizing forms in close-up.

Fox chose a hammock sitting on which she posed and no one would argue that the photos turned out to be fantastic.

It should be noted that the iconic model wrote under the post “Energy uplift” which immediately raised questions on the web and people are still wondering what she meant by saying that.

Here is what comments one can find under the photo shoot: “This is simply fantastic”, “You are slowly becoming a Kardashian”, “Is this really her?”, “Too many plastic surgeries”, “She doesn’t look natural”.

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